I recently updated to a Raven R44 II, and would recommend this as a

purchase option for any recreational pilot. I previously owned a R44 Astro, and after a long deliberation on whether or not to upgrade, I finally called Eric Gould.

Eric made the whole process very painless and easy, and I will definitely be calling him again for my next purchase. What I really appreciated in the service that Eric provided was his meticulous attention to the details and options, to ensure that the aircraft suited all my needs. He even went as far as to assist me in the registration of the ident call letters.

It is hard to put into words the satisfaction that I feel with the new R44 Raven II. ONE OF THE GREATEST ATTRIBUTES OF THE R-44 ROBINSON IS THE LOW COST TO OPERATE AND SIMPLE UPKEEP. Another attribute of the R44 Raven is the ability to Hanger the aircraft in a regular shop style building. At my home base I constructed an 11 ft by 16 ft cart to land on. Using a quad I pull it in and out of my shop. This system works extremely well and is a one-man operation.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this model to anyone and would be happy to talk directly to anyone interested in the R44 Raven II. Please don’t hesitate to call Eric, and he can forward my contact numbers to you.

Keep the Blue Side Up,

-Wayne Pidhirney