Buying Your First Helicopter

Are you considering buying your first helicopter?

When you get to a stage in life where you can afford some of life’s luxuries you should not have to compromise for safety or quality and you get both at a very reasonable price in the Robinson Helicopter.  This is why it has been the Worlds Top Selling Helicopter for the past 20 years.

If you have dreamed of flying your own helicopter here are some common sense steps to getting there if you do not already have a license:

  1. It is a requirement to get a medical in order to get a license so before you spend a lot of time or money it is wise to get the medical done. To do this ask a friend who is already a pilot or you can go to this address on the Transport Canada web site to select an approved Doctor as not every Doctor is approved to do these medicals. then click on civil aviation medical examiners then click on Canada and fill in your location. WARNING  do not go onto step 2 unless you are prepared to spend some money the Fam flight seems cheap but usually leads to an addiction to flying.
  2. Go to your nearest Helicopter school for a familiarization ride this is not a sport for the faint of heart but I guarantee if you complete this journey and become a pilot you will see sights that stir your soul and I can tell you that after 30 years at this there are still many days you are treated to sights that make you feel very privileged to have witnessed.
  3. Go home and try to forget about flying.  After a few days if you are still unable to and the thought that you to could possibly be a pilot in command of your own helicopter your addicted and the only cure is to follow through and be the best youcan be.
  4. Now it gets very easy for me as I sell the best helicopters for what ails you. There should probably be a law against selling to the addicted……but there isn’t so give me a call.
  5. Now if you think there is a cheap way to do this, there is not.  Good Aircraft cost good money and they hold their value very well.  I have yet in 30 years to lose money on one.  I have lost on land and in the stock market but never on an aircraft.  In my 30 years of buying aircraft, I have witnessed many very cheap acquisitions and all of them turned out to be money pits and sometimes came close to dragging people to the very edge of financial survival.  I don’t sell at bargain basement prices.  I charge a fair price for a great product and I am still in business servicing my clients many of whom have been with me since we started. (See Testimonial Ken Millar)
  6. We wish you the Best in satisfying your addiction and even if you do not buy from us I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Robinson Helicopters.