About Aerial Recon Ltd.

Aerial Recon is and has been Canada’s oldest and top-selling Robinson dealer since 1985. We help our customers buy, sell and lease Robinson Helicopter.

Our History

Our history in the Aviation industry comes with a wealth of experience! It all started in 1985 when Eric Gould and John Wadlow formed a business partnership. The commercial company operating business grew over the years to have over 60 aircraft and 225 personnel working all over western Canada before it sold in 2005.The company completed over 250,000 hours using Robinson aircraft for commercial work all over Canada. An insurance certificate hangs in the boardroom as a testament to all the hours flown and our great safety record. When the commercial operating business sold, we kept the Robinson dealership and that’s what we’re still running today.

Our history in the Aviation industry comes with a wealth of experience as you can see. We have a background as commercial pilots, flight instructors and have lots of business operating knowledge. Since 1985 Aerial Recon has done business across Canada and Internationally and has brought more than 180 Robinson helicopters into Canada.

Our Relationship with The Robinson Factory

We have been working with the Robinson factory for over 30 years and have been instrumental in many changes to the R44 to help make it a safer, more reliable helicopter.

Some of the first serial numbers 006, 007, 010, 0012 were delivered to Aerial Recon and over the years the changes we made were adopted by the factory, continuing to make each subsequent aircraft a better product. Our input on the R66 was sought by the factory in several areas of design as well.

We were excited that in February 2011 the Robinson factory chose Aerial Recon to assist in the cold weather and winter testing of the R66. We completed the winter testing for Canadian certification/approval of the R66.
We picked up Robinson’s first R-44’s in 1993 and contributed many modifications over the years to improving the R-44 and R-66 that both Frank and his son Kurt adopted into their manufacturing line.

We found the factory and especially Frank Robinson to be very open to improvements, and in most cases, Frank would make our suggestions even better when applied to the aircraft.

We were their go-to company for approvals and modifications and maintained a great working relationship with the factory.

Frank took difficult problems and made simple solutions that have led to the most reliable and cost-effective helicopters on the market.  We have the same working relationship with Kurt Robinson who is now the President of the Robinson Helicopter Co.

It has been a great relationship and we feel honored to be involved with making the Robinson aircraft a safer, more cost-effective helicopter here in Canada and around the world.


Buying or Selling your aircraft can be a difficult task. Let our team of experienced professionals guide you through the process.


You become part of the family when you work with us. We enjoy taking care of our clients along the way, providing education and great customer service.


We help you sell your aircraft by sending it to interested parties, advertising worldwide, and creating professional marketing material. Our team is available to answer your questions and advise you on difficult matters, we are ready to help wherever we can.


By listening to what you are looking for, we then set out to help you find the perfect solution. There are many great aircraft out there. Getting a good price always matters, but getting the right fit for you is what matters most.