Robinson R66 Turbine Videos

First R66 with Autopilot in Canada

DART Emergency pop-out float for the R66

Flight testing of the DART Cargo Hook for the R66

R66 Demo flight Video

We are so impressed with the R66.  Here is a clip of the R66 taking off vertically at gross weight with 4 men and full fuel.  What a performer for a light turbine helicopter.  Altitude: 1800′ | Density Altitude: 3600′ | Temp: 27 deg C | Fuel: 500lbs | Pax: 850lbs | Empty weight: 1350 lbs | MTOW: 2700 lbs

R66 Vertical Take-Off

Departing Calgary Alberta at 3800 feet.  Full fuel(500lbs) and 4 passengers at gross weight of 2700 lbs.  400’/min climb straight up!  Impressive light helicopter.   Contact 403-508-1717.

R66 Landing at Lake

R66 Mountain Flying

R66 Pre-Flight Inspection

R66 landing at Bow River helipad-Calgary, AB