R66 Videos

Robinson R66 Turbine Videos

DART Emergency pop-out float for the R66

Flight testing of the DART Cargo Hook for the R66


R66 Demo flight Video

We are so impressed with the R66.  Here is a clip of the R66 taking off vertically at gross weight with 4 men and full fuel.  What a performer for a light turbine helicopter.  Altitude: 1800′ | Density Altitude: 3600′ | Temp: 27 deg C | Fuel: 500lbs | Pax: 850lbs | Empty weight: 1350 lbs | MTOW: 2700 lbs


R66 Vertical Take-Off

Departing Calgary Alberta at 3800 feet.  Full fuel(500lbs) and 4 passengers at gross weight of 2700 lbs.  400’/min climb straight up!  impressive light helicopter.


R66 Landing at Lake


R66 Mountain Flying



R66 landing at Bow River helipad-Calgary, AB


R66 Utility Helicopter

Watch the video below to see more on the Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter with a utility configuration.  It has the wire strike kit and cargo hook installed.  The pilot can operate the aircraft from the left seat and Robinson is will have an external weight increase.  


New Avionics in 2018 R66

The New Avionics on the 2018 R66 Robinson Helicopter is a must see.  The large touchscreen display of the Garmin Txi with the Garmin 750 makes for an impressive set up that pilots will enjoy.  Watch this video for a quick demo.


Northern Canada Flying Trip


XM Weather in Robinson R66

R66 Delivery to Canada

Low Airspeed | 180 Autorotation | R66