How to Buy a New Robinson Helicopter

How to Buy a New Robinson Helicopter

It is relatively easy for you to order your new helicopter.

  1. Choose your options
    • We will discuss which options you will place on your helicopter. We will suggest which ones you need, which was are nice, and which ones you don’t need.
  2. Sign a few order documents
  3. Transfer the Deposit
    • The order form and deposit is sent to the factory where they then start building your custom helicopter. Once they receive funds they advise of the serial number, expected completion date and last changes date.
    • Deposit for a R66 is 80,000 USD
      Deposit for a R44 is 40,000 USD
      Deposit for a R22 is 25,000 USD
  4. Transfer the balance owing.
    • Balance of funds due 30 days prior to completion of the aircraft.
  5. Pick up Helicopter
    • If you would like to accompany us to pick up your helicopter, we would be happy to have you.  We will set up to arrive a day early and grab a hotel room and some food.  The next day we will do the paperwork while you are welcome to get a tour of the impressive Robinson factory.  Flying back is dependant on weather and how many stops you want to make, but typically takes us 2- 3 days on average.  We have done this flight many times so know of all the breathtaking views and great places to stop.  The trip up is amazing.  Over the west coast of California to the deserts inland.  We fly out of Los Angeles,  by the desserts of Las Vegas, by red rock and mountains in Utah, over plains, volcanoes and hills of Idaho, mountains and rivers of Montana….a beautiful flight.
  6. Canadian Import
    • Canadian import will take approximately 3 days where the helicopter receives the Canadian Certificate of Airworthiness and Certificate of Registration.
  7. Go flying!
    • Now you have your helicopter and it is time to enjoy it.

Contact us for the current lead times and delivery schedule.  Typically has been around 3 months but changes throughout the year.

Price Increase

Each year with the Jan 15th price increase, the lead times to extend out.If you get your order in before the annual Jan 15th price increase, you can reserve the previous years pricing. Eg. If you wanted to order a new R66, if the deposit is received prior to Jan 15th, you will have last years pricing. Keep in mind it takes a few days to transfer funds from different banks, so if this is something that interested you, we recommend getting your deposit transferred in December.