Robinson Helicopter Company has a great warranty program.  We are always working with our customers to make sure that they receive the best service and that they are properly taken care of when something does need replacement.

Overview of warranty

Robinson Helicopter Company warrants each new helicopter to be free from defects in material and workmanship appearing within two years from the date of delivery from the RHC factory or during the first 1000 hours of operations whichever event occurs first; provided, the aircraft has been subjected to normal us and service.

The engine and avionics have their own warranties.

Full warranty information below:

R66 Warranty

Factory: r66_warranty-3

Engine Warranty from Rolls Royce:

R22 and R44 warranty

Factory: r22_r44_warranty-4

Lycoming: new_rebuilt_engine-warranty_with-additional_12_months

Lycoming: new_noncertified_engine_warranty


R44 Cadet warranty


Overhaul Parts Warranty



Aspen Avionics Warranty:

Garmin Warranty: 

2 years or 800 flight hours from the date of purchase for new TSO remote-mount and TSO panel-mount products; 1 year or 400 flight hours from the date of purchase for new Non-TSO remote-mount* and Non-TSO panel-mount*, portable products and any purchased newly-overhauled products; 6 months or 200 flight hours for factory repaired  or newly-overhauled products exchanged through a Garmin Authorized Service Center

Fine print here: https://www8.garmin.com/support/warranty.html