I am thinking back over the last several weeks. My quest to upgrade from a piston Robinson to the turbine R66 started months ago.  I had looked at 20 plus used R66’s in detail over that time.  I had interacted with almost that many brokers.  The results had been frustrating, and with my inability to leave my area to personally inspect helicopters in other areas made the search even more difficult.  I found Aerial Recon on Controller and came in contact with you.  I now have in my possession in the United States, delivered here from western Canada, the R66 of my dreams.  I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism, the clear transparency, and integrity which characterized this purchase.  You have followed up every detail, executed every minute issue of the deal to perfection.  The ferry pilot, Marty Charbonneau, that you set up is easily the best CFI that I have ever flown with.  I would absolutely recommend you and your company without reservation for helicopter purchase or sale.  Incredibly positive retail experience.

Thank you,

Randy Tillman
Great River Helicopters, LLC
Natchez, Ms.