I bought a new Robinson R66 in November 2017.  It was a good experience to work with Luke Yanik and Aerial Recon Ltd.  He was able to exceed my expectations and keep his promises.
I’ve bought and sold a lot of aircraft in my lifetime.  Hundreds of aircraft.  For me to see how Luke handled everything from a to z was outstanding, even after the sale.  I couldn’t ask for anything else.
When I got to Calgary, I got trained by Luke and Marty Charbonneau. It was three years since I’ve flown a helicopter.  We were able to go out and challenge me and get the rust off.  The next day we did all the emergencies and afterwards further training and examination with  Marty Charbonneau to prove my capability even though it wasn’t a requirement.  Marty has extreme knowledge of helicopters.
I can say it was the BEST of the BEST from every level.
I will say if you want to buy a Robinson R44 or R66 then dealing with Aerial Recon and especially Luke is the only way to go. Trust me.

Frank Kelner

CEO and president Northstar Air