I just wanted to pass on a huge Thank you to Aerial Recon for everything you did on the purchase of my new R66.   You guys made the process very easy and painless for me again.  Knowing that this was my second ship that I purchased from you guys I was very confident that you would take care of everything for me, from the import to the delivery and 

you did just that!!  Only haven flown pistons in my short flying career moving up to the Turbine was a very fun and enjoyable experience.  Getting the chance to fly the R66 back to Canada with Marty Charbonneau was an experience of a lifetime!! (Landing at 10,000ft with the 2 of us and having to only use 75% torque to take off was really cool.)   It gave me the opportunity to get familiar with the transition to a turbine and feel 100% comfortable flying it.   The factory tour that you guys set up for me in the morning I arrived was absolutely awesome it is defiantly something that anyone who fly’s a Robinson should see, the amount of detail and quality that go in to building these ships was impressive!!

Again I want to THANK everyone from Aerial Recon and would recommend any of your team to any future buyers.  Hands down one of the best experiences I have had!!”

-Dean Kato