I am the proud owner of a new R44 Clipper II helicopter I purchased in July/05 through Mr. Eric Gould.  The R44 Clipper has not only met but surpassed all my expectations – I really love it.  Since I picked it up in July/05 I have flown it from California to Digby, Nova Scotia, then to Northern Laborador, and this past winter south to Central Florida.  I feel so comfortable and secure in this helicopter that it makes flying a truly pleasurable experience.

Mr. Eric Gould made the actual purchasing of my R44 Clipper II a breeze.  From the first time I called Eric until I brought the helicopter home, there was never a time that I felt Eric was putting less than 100% into helping me.  He was always there to answer my questions, always returned my phone calls, and helped in every way possible (even helped me choose my color).  We talked almost daily about one thing or another, and Eric was so friendly and enthuastic, he made me feel more like a friend than just another customer.  I had the pleasure of flying the helicopter from Los Angeles to Whitecourt, Alberta with Eric as my co-pilot.  It was a trip I will never foget.  I would definitely recommend this gentleman to anyone looking to purchase a Robinson helicopter.

-Calvin Sproule
Digby, Nova Scotia