It was a great experience flying my new R66 back from the factory with you.  It was a tremendous opportunity to hone my skills as a commercial pilot to fly with someone like yourself, with so much experience.

Although this was the second ship I have purchased new from Aerial Recon, it was the first time I was able to fly it from the factory back to Canada. The trip through the US was a great experience and I now have my own eAPIS account so I can continue exploring the states in the future.

 The R66 in an incredible helicopter to fly. Don’t get me wrong, the R44 is awesome, but the extra power, speed, room and comfort are definitely worth the extra cost.

The fit and finish and overall quality of the ship are instantly noticeable. It always draws a crowd at every airport I visit.

It is always a pleasure dealing with Aerial Recon and its very qualified staff.  There were no surprises throughout the entire process from ordering the ship to taking delivery in Torrance.

Thanks again guys!

-Brad Clarke