Robinson R66 Cargo Hook Approved

Robinson’s cargo hook installation for the R66 turbine single has received FAA approval. Its optional $28,000 cargo hook increases the R66’s maximum gross weight to 2,900 pounds from 2,700 pounds and carries external loads up to 1,200 pounds.

The installation includes an Onboard Systems cargo hook; right- and left-seat controls, allowing solo flight from either seat; a left-seat hydraulic switch; a left-seat start button; a load-weight gauge; and a second set of engine power gauges (torque and gas temperature) that are located in the left door sill that allow the pilot to monitor engine operations while monitoring the external load. Provisions for remote control of external equipment such as a long line hook or a water bucket are also included.

Robinson previewed its cargo hook earlier this year at Heli-Expo. The company first certified the R66 in 2010 and has delivered more than 800 since then. The company produced 77 last year. New features available for the R66 include heated seats, Garmin TXi displays, wire-strike protection, heavy-duty lightweight lithium-ion battery, and heavy-duty inlet barrier filter.

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