NEW Tricks for the R66


Vertical Magazine recently came out with this feature on NEW Tricks for the R66. We hope you find today’s blog post informative, as our mission here is to continue to provide you with more Knowledge about Robinson Helicopters.

  1. Robinson’s New External Cargo Hook kit for the R66 can be ordered with optional bubble windows for either side of the aircraft. The large windows provide plenty of room for the pilot to look out and down, even with a helmet on.

2. The Vertical Magazine team went to the factory to test out the latest upgrades for the R66, including a 1,200-pound cargo hook kit and a new touchscreen avionics. Since certifying the R66 Turbine helicopter in 2010, Robinson Helicopter CO. has been steadily expanding the aircraft’s capabilities and mission sets. Read the story on the image below.

3. The Robinson Kit includes electronic and mechanical releases for both pilot and as well as a remote external control.  Continue reading more on the image below.

4. The Kit also includes some additional smart touches, such as a fuel status light to indicate approximately 12 gallons of usable fuel remaining – a welcome reminder before the standard five gallon low fuel caution light. Continue reading more information in the photo below.


5. The bubble windows for the R66 limit airspeed to a maximum of 100 knots (never exceed speed with a load on the hook is 80 knots). R66 operators who only want to long-line from the right side will need to order their kit from Onboard systems. Continue to read on…



6. At left, an R66 panel featuring the 10.6 inch Garmin Display Unit 1060 Txi. A smaller seven-inch GDU 700L Txi is also available, shown here at the right, installed in an R44 2.  While the 1060 Txi panel takes up more space than it strictly needs to, pilots who leaned on steam gauges will likely feel comfortable with the analog redundancy. Continue reading below for more information.


We hope you found this article informative today. Feel free to check out our other blog posts to learn more about Robinson Helicopters.

– Luke Yanik