15 Reasons to Buy a Robinson Helicopter

If you have been searching for your next helicopter, you have probably heard of the Robinson Helicopters. Robinson helicopters are the world’s top-selling helicopters, so we thought you should know our 15 reasons why you should buy one!

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

1. KISS principle: These helicopters are simple and easy to fly. Maintenance is simply performed every 50/100 hours and has an annual inspection. Compare this to other helicopters and you will quickly see the advantage that Robinson Helicopters have.

2. Purchase Price: Robinson Helicopters are one of the most cost-effective helicopters to buy.

3. Operating costs: The operating costs of Robinsons are well below what other helicopters cost to operate and we know this from experience.

4. Re-sale value: The Robinson helicopters are so popular, so selling them isn’t the same challenge as other helicopters. We know of other helicopters that have been listed for years and have never sold because the market is so small. Robinsons always have been high in demand and have a great resale value compared to the competition out there.

5. Performance: It is tough to beat a Robbie, because of it’s hot and high performance with the  R44 Raven II and R66.


6. Reliability: Because of the simplicity of the Robbies they perform like a Timex watch. They just keep ticking! With many other helicopters, you will have to dispatch a maintenance crew to do daily upkeep on the helicopters. You won’t see this with a Robinson Helicopter.

7. Maintenance: Owning a helicopter is one thing, but having a network of professionals to help you keep it in the air is another challenge that operators face. Maintenance providers are worldwide and can be found by looking here.

8. Strength in numbers. Robinson has sold its 12,000th helicopter in January of 2017, which is a testament for the Robinson product.  We are not saying that you have to follow everyone else, but when this many people choose a product it is for a good reason.  The R44 has been the world’s best-selling general aviation (GA) helicopter every year since 1999. It is the most-produced GA aircraft of the 21st century, with 5,805 deliveries from 2000–2017.  The R66 has become a top-selling turbine as well!

9. Fun. These helicopters are nimble and fun to fly. You get to experience the benefits of life and can enjoy the fun moments with friends and family.

10. Save time. Compared to driving, flying is typically 1/3 the time. Depending on the length of distance to travel, sometimes a helicopter will even beat a jet. WOW, now we are talking!

11. The workhorse with Variety: The Robinson products work in many different operational environments around the world.  Some of our commercial operation customers use their Robbies for tourism, transport, aerial photography, aerial inspection, forestry, assessments, site overview, delivering parts, oil field inspections, forestry spraying, agricultural spraying etc….   There are many many ways that operators are enjoying Robinson helicopters to help make their companies profitable.

12. Safety: Robinson helicopters are very safe, but each aircraft has its limitations. If an aircraft is flown outside of what it is approved for, and has a problem, is that the helicopter’s fault? Do Robinson’s have accidents – Yes. All manufacturers have accidents. We have to look at the demographics of the pilots that fly Robbies. Most of them are low time, beginners, or weekend warrior pilots. You don’t have this demographic buying 3 million dollar helicopters.  The pilot is the ultimate weak link in the system, and this can be compensated for, with proper training and continuing education.

13. Hangar Size: By having a two-blade system, the space needed for storage is significantly reduced compared to other multi-bladed options.


14. Freedom. Weather permitting, get in and go. See amazing places, and experience things that you never knew existed.

15. Rewarding Experience.  If you have accomplished a lot in your life, and have always wanted to fly, this is the ultimate gift to reward yourself. Your dream could finally come true, with owning your very own helicopter.

We hope you enjoyed reading these 15 reasons why we think people should buy a Robinson Helicopter. If you are considering buying your next helicopter, feel free to give us a call. We will help you determine which product best fits your needs. Buying your helicopter can be overwhelming at times, so let us help you out by offering our services. We would be happy to put you in contact with our clients that were in a similar position to you and see what they think of their Robbie. This way you can get information straight from operators and owners and not have some salesman’s pitch to worry about.

Aerial Recon Ltd. is a Canadian Robinson helicopter dealership. We have sold hundreds of new Robinson helicopters across Canada, and have helped many clients sell their helicopter worldwide. Look forward to talking with you soon.

Luke Yanik
Aerial Recon Ltd.